Parking Lot Maintenance


Shamrock Asphalt is the Central Ohio leader in the parking lot maintenance industry. We provide all the services needed to maintain your parking lot. 


A proper Parking Lot Maintenance strategy starts with an evaluation. This will determine approximate longevity of the existing surface layer, expected issues and problems that could arise in the future and to identify any existing issues that need immediate or ongoing attention. 


Preventative Parking Lot Maintenance is intended to slow or halt further deterioration of a parking lot for pennies on the dollar in comparison to structural repair or future asphalt replacement. Regular maintenance, just like regular maintenance on your vehicle, is the most cost-effective solution to maximize pavement longevity. 


As soon as your pavement shows signs of wear and tear such as raveling, alligator cracks, or minor block damage, you need to act fast to arrest further deterioration. Through our Parking Lot Maintenance Service we can help you get the most out of your existing or new parking lot. 

Preventive Parking Lot Maintenance Services

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