Catch Basin, Drain Tile Install and Repair

Catch basins (or storm basins) are used to "catch" water that gathers and runs on the pavement. A catch basin also acts as a junction for a storm drain system. Catch basins are constructed with a sump that is below the pipe invert where debris or runoff sediment is collected. The grate at the top of the inlet blocks larger debris from entering the sump. The material that is collected in the sump will need to be manually removed by machine or by hand. 


Catch Basin Adjustment & Repair


If the catch basin becomes damaged or the pavement structure surrounding the catch basin breaks down or degrades too much, the catch basin can fill in or become inefficient in collecting the water runoff. If the pavement around the catch basin is resurfaced, or removed and re-installed, the catch basins will most likely need adjusted. 


What Is Storm Drain / Catch Basin Rebuild? 


Storm drain / catch basins are a vital part of every parking lot. Storm drain / catch basins that cave in and become damaged due to water, winter weather and normal wear & tear become dangerous liabilities and must be repaired quickly. The repair or rebuilding of the catch basin starts with the removal of the upper level surrounding asphalt and concrete. The structure is then repaired or installed, the grate reset, and the area cleaned and barricaded until ready for traffic. Further details are outlined below or in our FAQ


When Would Storm Drain / Catch Basin Repair Be Necessary?


This is typically determined by an inspection. When the storm drain / catch basin caves in, becomes damaged, the storm drain / catch basin must be rebuilt immediately to eliminate any unwanted damage or injury liability.


Process Of Rebuilding Storm Drain / Catch Basins


1.    Saw cut and remove damaged asphalt / concrete around upper lever perimeter of drain.
2.    Remove & replace damaged interior block and mortar.
3.    Reset grate in repaired basin.
4.    Install minimum 18 inch – 6 ½ bag mix concrete drain collar & broom finish.
5.    Clean up and remove debris.
6.    Provide barricades to close off area until ready for traffic.


Catch Basin Installation


When a parking lot does not have proper drainage a catch basin can be a solution. If the area has location to tie into the existing drain tile, or a place to let the water run off, then a catch basin can be installed in the lot.


Catch Basin Install Procedure


The catch basin location is excavated as needed and a new concrete superstructure is installed with proper routing to the drain tile or sewer. The grating and drain collars are installed and the surrounding asphalt or concrete is repaired or installed. 


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