Parking Lot Painting and Striping

Your parking lot is on of the first things noticed by your customers, clients, and visitors. A newly striped, or painted, parking lot is attractive and is a good indication that the property manager/owner stresses good maintenance and thus consideration for its visitors.


A properly maintained and well marked parking lot helps the owner by addressing liabilty issues. The markings on a parking lot directs visitors on how to safely navigate the premises via crosswalks, stop bars, "no parking" areas or fire lanes. Additionally, areas that are marked for pick-up, drop-off, boarding inform pedestrians where they should walk and what areas to avoid to help the flow of traffic and minimize congestion and which also emphasizes safety. 

Shamrock Asphalt’s experienced parking lot stripers will either re-stripe or lay out new markings per customer’s blueprints or our design. Shamrock Asphalt is able to install any type of striping layout as well as all types of ADA stenciling. 



Parking Lot Striping Design Considerations


Maximize on Parking Space


You want to get the most cars possible into your parking lot but you also need to balance the space to ensure safety, the proper layout for the striping/marking of spaces and traffic flow can achieve both and maximize on cost-effectiveness.


Efficient & Logical Traffic Flow


Visitors need effective and logical direction when navigating a parking lot or structure. Areas of where to enter, exit and park all need to be clearly defined to maximize on flow and safety. Vibrant, attractive and properly placed markings for parking stalls, directional arrows, and handicapped-reserve signs ensure efficient movement and safety of travelers.


Designated Parking Areas


Consideration needs to be given on the types of parking your area requires. Do you need clear marking for parking for employees, visitors, disabled persons, or other individuals or groups. These areas should be clearly identified. 


Follow ADA Guidelines


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) must be adhered to by every property owner regardless of company size or allotted space. The proper quantity of handicapped-accessible parking spaces must be clearly defined. The team at Shamrock Asphalt will make sure that your parking lot layout adheres to these guidelines. 


Layout & Design Options


Space is a premium and fitting the most vehicles into the space is a prime concern. The direction of traffic and the positioning of the parkign stalls will have an impact on your parking and traffic flow. Stalls can be aligned for straight-in parking (90°) or angled stalls (45°, 60°, or 75°) depending on the circumstances. Typically the straight-in stalls will allow the most parking in a given row but many times the angled stalls will be preferred to allow greater management of traffic flow and safety concerns.

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