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Shamrock Asphalt has been in the asphalt business since 1998 and since that start we have dedicated ourselves to the field and fully understand the importance of proper asphalt maintenance and asphalt installation.  Believe it or not, asphalt installation and asphalt maintenance is serious business. Your asphalt parking and traffic areas can be the first impression that visitors have of your organization or business. Asphalt pavement can elevate or depress values of your property. Poorly maintained asphalt can create unforseen liability and create unsafe conditions for visitors or residents. When you identify that you need an asphalt expert you can trust Shamrock Asphalt is the company you can count on. 


The Long Haul


Our Field Representatives develop customer relationships that we hope last years, if not decades. We want to understand your organization, we want to work within your budget and we want to keep your liability at a minimum.  We are committed to making sure your parking areas are safe and beautiful but at a cost that is friendly to your budget. 


Shamrock Asphalt is based out of Columbus Ohio but we service markets all over Ohio. If you need to speak with someone about your asphalt parking lot or parking structure don't hesitate to contact us

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