Hotel and Restaurant

The hospitality industry is one of the most dense and competitive industries that demand safe, clean and comfortable environments for their patrons, this includes their parking and traffic areas. The parking lots and garages of hospitality facilities experience dense traffic, both wheeled and pedestrian, and having a solid Parking Lot Maintenance plan and solution in place is paramount. A Parking Lot Maintenance solution will provide facility managers peace of mind by keeping parking areas in peak condition, enhancing the appeal of the facility and keeping their patrons safe. 


A proper Parking Lot Maintenance solution through Shamrock Asphalt will deliver cost saving results that improve the lifespan of your asphalt parking area, maintain its appearance and appeal, keep traffic flow efficient and safe and save managers and owners time. 


Scheduling, Assurance, & Peace of Mind

Timing the repair and maintenance of your hotel or restaurant parking lot is critical to ensure repeat business. Our Parking Lot Maintenance plan is proactive in that it identifies parking lot issues and problems and establishes schedule to addressing these concerns timely. Work and maintenance can be performed in stages so that the propery remains open during peak times and also to accomodate budget concerns and restrictions. Give yourself peace of mind in knowing that your parking areas are to be maintained properly with Shamrock Asphalt. 

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